Andar Bahar Sidebets

There are currently four sidebets you can make when you play Andar Bahar online. However, not all Andar Bahar tables offer all sidebets. Read on to find all different sidebets and how they work.

Written by Arjun Patel, Andar Bahar Expert
Published: 22/09/2020

1.  What Color or Suit the Joker Card Will Be

This sidebet is made before each round starts and before the joker and any other cards have been dealt. 

It is placed in two ways. The first sidebet on what color (red or black) the joker will be. The second sidebet is on what suit (Spades Diamond, Hearts or Clubs) the joker card will be. You can choose to place both sidebets, just one of the sidebets or none. 

Example: You may place a bet that the joker will be a black suit. If the joker turns out to be 8 of spades (black suit), you win that round. But if the joker is 8 of hearts (red suit), you lose.

2. What Value the Joker Card Will Be

This sidebet is placed before each round starts and before any cards have been dealt. You place a bet on what number the joker cards will be. The bets are made in three different number ranges. 

Here are the bets you can make:

  • 2-7
  • 8
  • 9-Ace
Example: Assume you make a bet that the value of the joker will be 9-Ace. If the joker card is 9 of hearts, you win.

3. How Many Card Will Be Dealt

This sidebet is made after the joker card has been dealt, but before any other cards have been dealt. 

You have to predict how many cards will be dealt before the winning card appears on Andar or Bahar. That is, the card with the same face value as the joker.

You can place bets within the following incremental:

  • 1 – 5 cards
  • 6 – 10 cards
  • 11 – 15 cards
  • 16 – 25 cards
  • 26 – 30 cards
  • 31 – 35 cards
  • 36 – 40 cards
  • 41 – 51 cards
Example: Let’s say the joker card is 8 of spades. Then, you bet that 8 diamond/heart/club will appear on Andar or Bahar within 6 – 10 cards. You win if any of those cards appear between the 6th to 10th dealing of cards. If it doesn’t, you lose and the money goes to the dealer.

4. Bet on Andar or Bahar After the First Two Cards Have Been Dealt

In this sidebet you predict whether the winning card will appear on Andar or Bahar. 

You can place this sidebet after the joker and the first two cards after have been dealt. It is an optional bet and you can make the same bet as your original bet or a different one. That is, you can repeat the bet made on Andar or Bahar immediately after the joker card was dealt.

Example: Assume the joker in a game round is 8 of spades. Then the dealer places 7 of hearts on Andar and 6 of diamonds on Bahar. You can bet on whether 8 of diamond/hearts/clubs will appear on Andar or Bahar after the first two card deals.

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